Learn to Play Jazz Harp and Pop Music where "Jazz" was born!

We are pleased to announce that the next New Orleans Jazz & Pop Harp Weekend will be virtual in 2021.   This virtual event will be free.

PATRICE FISHER'S NEW VIRTUAL CLASS on the "Joropo Para Lily" can be seen at

You can purchase the written music for download at https://patricefisherandarpa.bandzoogle.com/my-store

Look for monthly virtual class uploads, on our youtube page at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDMcuICw8pvznSB75SUWUDQ

We have an exciting line up this year!  Distinguished Teaching Faculty and Guest Artists include:

Patrice Fisher,  Director & Louisiana Teaching Faculty Harpist


Rebecca Babin, Louisiana Teaching Faculty Harpist

Jesse Autumn, Louisiana Teaching Faculty Harpist

Luke Brechtelsbauer, Louisiana Teaching Faculty

Cassie WatsonLouisiana Teaching Faculty Harpist
Ginna Paredes, Louisiana Teaching Faculty

Guest Artist:  Denise Grupp-Verbon


We know the Jazz Harp Weekend has great potential not only to improve the musical skills of our professional and student harpists, but also to generate interest among music students to study jazz harp on a more regular basis. We have the great privilege of being able to live in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. This is the perfect place to learn to play Jazz Harp!

We encourage students to explore avenues of making music, other than orchestral playing and solo recitals. The more versatile that our harp students become, the more opportunities they will have to work as professional musicians. The world of the freelance harpist requires the ability to play with many skills and in many styles. At the recent American Harp Society Summer Institute in Denton, TX, Detroit jazz harpist, Rizpah, said that, as classical harpists, we live in a harp bubble, and do not learn the skills we need to adapt to the real world. We need to break out of the harp bubble, if we want to survive & prosper.

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