New Orleans Jazz and Pop Harp Weekend Course Descriptions:

All courses are
Pedal and Lever Harp Friendly.


CLASS 1: Mighty Musical Memorization Made Through Mindfulness, Magical Moments and Mental Metaphors

Do you struggle to memorize music? In this workshop, we will learn how our memory works, and discuss tools and strategies to enhance music memorization.

CLASS 2: May Your Dreams Come True - How to Expand and Develop Your Creativity

Everyone is creative, but some of us are less confident about it. In this workshop, we will play with exercises and strategies to develop your creativity.


CLASS 1:  Playing the Blues on your harp

There is a common Harmonic structure that makes up a typical Blues tune. We will explore this structure and learn 4 scales that you can use to play and improvise on a blues tune. You can even use these scales, if you just want to add some spice to any tune.


CLASS 2:  Inspire Seniors to Dance and Sing and Get Paid!

Nursing Homes usually have an entertainment budget. They love harpists. You can make extra money on weekdays, playing for this appreciative audience. It can be very inspiring on both sides, to motivate seniors to exercise their memories and sing songs that were popular in their youth.


CLASS 1: Let's Learn Some New Pop Tunes!

There are many ways to approach playing Pop tunes, from choosing the key, to the rhythm, to the style and beyond. This class will explore different ways to play some of your favorite tunes. 

CLASS 2: Let's Gliss and Arpeggiate!

Glisses and arpeggios add so much to our playing. This class will explore different ways to add glisses and arpeggios to your repertoire!


CLASS 1: Tribute to Fats Domino

New Orleans Legendary Vocalist, Fats Domino, recently passed away. In this class, we will look at a couple of his tunes and some of the ways that Fats turned Blues into Rock n' Roll.  


CLASS 2:  Jazz tunes from the Swing Era

There was a time, from 1935–1946, when teenagers and young adults danced to jazz-oriented bands. ... The swing era (also frequently referred to as the "big band era") was the period of time when big band swing music was the most popular music in the United States. We will explore soloing and improvising with some repertoire from this era.

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